We Took A Ride Of Tranquility Through Ambient Future Garage Music Producer Phelian’s Latest Song ‘Aerias’

We listened to ‘Aerias,’ the latest from Ambient Future Garage producer Phelian’s studio album Beside You (released on September 18 via Enhanced Music’s new Chill imprint, Enhanced Chill). So far, this independent artist has received support from tastemaker Youtube channels Ambient, Fluidified, Eeuphonious, dynmk, The Games We Play, Future Collection and illegal-Soun, to name a few. And with over 17 million views on Youtube, this New Orleans based producer, he can only continue on his rise.

Producing music for nearly three years now, Phelian has seen an impressive growth for a short period of time. His approach has put him on par with fellow artists in the broad ambient music industry, such as Burial and Alaskan Tapes, Øfdream and KOSIKK.

‘Aerias,’ from his second studio album Beside You, is an enchanting ride through an ambient future garage bliss. It’s one of nine tracks on his full-length album which has also received great praise. Magnetic Magazine has called his music “Sensual, sensitive, and atmospheric bliss” and ‘Aerias’ is no different. Phelian has sighted memories, loved ones, listening to other artists’ music as well as the occasional film as inspiration. It’s assumed that that is also what birthed ‘Aerias,’ which proves to be another tranquil, mystical musical journey.

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