Boris , Sonic Youth, Tee Marshall
Boris , Sonic Youth, Tee Marshall

Alternative electronic band Tee Marshall experiment with song ‘Life Is So Much Fun’

Lost in space and time in conversations between Marshall in Bangkok (Thailand) and Michael in Brooklyn, NSW. The band Tee Marshall talked about creating some tunes for a “re-imagined Ya Ya Choral. Hell yeah and mostly no,” Michael shares. He continues: “Urghhh, I always hated that name, but alas, at the time we maintained democracy. They say tinkly bonk and an ironic disposition are dangerous for your health. Love lost but never forgotten. Together we gazed into the abyss and Nietzsche winked back, oh well – let’s just go on – life is just so much fun.”

The original intention was to entertain the idea that this could possibly be another re-imagined Ya Ya Choral (YYC) project. YYC had been in hibernation since Fiona and Michael pulled the plugin 1994. Prior to this YYC had been through a number of guises, from Tinkily Bonk in 1982, to art-damaged Motown, to Hush and TMG-inspired punk/metal to buzz pop in the 1990’s. Each time always in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Michael adds: “We were thinking of doing something more doom tempo, improvised and perhaps with potential to be theatrical or even art damaged cabaret. Instead, we ditched the clutter, stripped it back, and just embraced the doom tempo. We started to lament over friends, family, and loves lost, while we cherished the love that still thrives and endures in our lives.”

In 2019, the first song worked on was ‘Morning Song’, written by Marshall in Bangkok with voice, percussion, and Kyoto. Michael brought in doom tempo and drones and ‘rearrangements’. Next up was ‘Protester’ written by Michael in Brooklyn NSW on the shores of a stream of consciousness along the Hawkesbury River in a building that used to be a convent.  Marshall contributed surf and ambient guitar. A couple more songs followed and then they got distracted, the energy lost.

Michael focused on Scattered Order, A Cloakroom Assembly, and a new project Space Therapy Robinson. Marshall focused on his solo projects and WeatherStones. Then in 2021, it all came together again quickly, as a project with a working title- ‘Moose Rides a Bike’. This developed an odd coherence which surprised its creators. So they decided to finish it off. The recording was completed in July 2021, with a cover of John Lennon‘s ‘My Mummy’s Dead’.

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