Lycoriscoris, Brian Eno, Jon Hopkins, Boards of Canada
Lycoriscoris, Brian Eno, Jon Hopkins, Boards of Canada

Producer Lycoriscoris unveils Sketches From Memory LP and song ‘A Piece Of Nature’

 Image credit: Miki Takahira

roficient producer Lycoriscoris shares Sketches From Memory LP  and the focus track ‘A Piece Of Nature’ on the 11th  of November 2022 under Lycoriscoris Music. The Japan-based musician’s music is comparable to Jon Hopkins and Boards of Canada among others. 

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The notes arrangement in the song ‘A Piece Of Nature’ cascades gently, and Lycoriscoris’s aim for a listener-friendly sound has been achieved formidably. The pace of the song is located in that area which is reminiscent of the first fluttering eyelashes as one awakes from sleep.  Consequently, the song feels like a continuation of deep relaxation. As the song comes to a concluding end, listeners will vouch that they have just received a deep massage because of the stress-relieving element in its sound.  

Lycoriscoris elaborates on the creative process while making the LP with these words: “For this project, I tried to use only the minimum necessary sounds that would not disturb the listener’s daily life. I carefully translated each of the scenes I saw in my life into sound, eliminating as many unnecessary sounds as possible, and the result is very simple music”.

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