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Errance – Captivating Producer RELEASES self-titled album & SHARES LP focus track ‘Pente Douce’.

Canadian producer, director, and composer Errance unveils his self-titled debut album via Société Holographique de Montréal. The album follows the release of his first three singles, ‘Guidance’, ‘Idyll’, and ‘Oxytocin’. ‘Guidance’ received support from CLASH Magazine, BBC Radio 6’s Tom Ravenscroft and Deb Grant. Errance is the solo musical project of Gabriel Gagnon, who is beginning to carve out a place for his own musical expression. Before embarking on his solo project, Gabriel has boasted a prolific career as a producer and composer. From producing internationally-acclaimed records for several artists such as Daniela Andrade & MayFly to composing soundtracks for a number of series and short movies, to working on international campaigns advertising for brands like Yves Saint-Laurent and Louis Vuitton this sonic savant is no novice to the world of music production in all of its forms.

The album offers the listener a versatile array of IDM, from the gentle breakbeats in the progressive ‘Idyll’, to the shuffling, deep, echoey ‘Guidance’, to the calming, beatless ambience of ‘EASE’. The focus track, ‘Pente Douce’, offers delicate, shuffling organic percussion and ambient elements quietly building to a gentle four-on-the-floor drop with peaceful synths and minimal percussion. The title, literally meaning ‘gentle slope’, perfectly suits the song’s peaceful structure and subtle, shifting textures. All the tracks, however, are replete with resonant organic textures, a feature that is quickly becoming Errance’s distinct trademark. The LP is a soothing yet energizing sonic voyage through and ode to nature. 

Errance revealed: “This project combines sounds and textures collected in mountain and forest settings across seasons. It blends my pop and electro background with a newfound maturity, offering reflective and complex organic textures. Exploring contemplation, inspiration, introspection, and resilience, it sets these against a rhythmic backdrop that propels forward momentum. It aims for a dreamy, cinematic sound, capturing the essence of the present moment.”

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