Fresh Lusine album To Be Released On Ghostly International

Ghostly is set to release the latest Lusine LP. “Sensorimotor” is Jeff McIlwain’s fourth solo album on Ghostly, a solid four years from his previous full-length offering “The Waiting Room”. In the words of the label, it’s “an introspective turn” for the Seattle-based producer from Texas. Fans of Lusine will likely note the expansive sound on his recent string of releases, aiming in more of a pop direction than those of his earlier IDM and downtempo offerings.

The record will be out in March on vinyl, CD and digital. Expect an 11-track album with the vocal contributions of his wife, Sarah McIlwain and along with Vilja Larjosto and Benoît Pioulard.

Listen to “Just A Cloud.”


01. Canopy

02. Ticking Hands feat. Sarah McIlwain

03. Slow Motion

04. Just A Cloud feat. Vilja Larjosto

05. The Level

06. Witness feat. Benoît Pioulard

07. Chatter

08. Won’t Forget feat. Vilja Larjosto

09. Flyway

10. Tropopause

11. The Lift

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