Moby, Boards of Canada, Frank Cogliano
Moby, Boards of Canada, Frank Cogliano

PREMIERE: Experimental composer showcases subtle groove with song ‘Brainscape’

Image credit: Frank Cogliano

Announcing that his upcoming album Computers of the World will be released on the 22nd of February via the International Digital Distribution Association, music producer Frank Cogliano has shared the album track ‘Brainscape’ with us today. The music producer explores his experimental flair with modern textures, adding synth analog and acoustic embellishments into his flow. ‘Brainscape’ sounds like the ideal culmination of these aspects, although heavily experimental and free, the producer has created a relaxing and emotionally accessible track for the listener. Whether you are on the early morning commute or working from home, let ‘Brainscape’ ease you into the day with its charm and subtle groove.

Pre-save: Computers of the World

Computers of the World Tracklist: 

01 – Cave

02 – Downtown

03 – Helicopter Vacuum

04 – Brainscape

05 – Salsa Foot

06 – Sheets to the Wind

07 – Pet Ghost

08 – Peace 2

09 – Light

10 – Images

11 – Evelyn Horne

12 – Next Day

13 – Armada

14 – Other Days

15 – Voices

16 – Spiral

17 – Peace 1

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