Brian Eno, Ólafur Arnalds, Psycho & Plastic, Nils Frahm
Brian Eno, Ólafur Arnalds, Psycho & Plastic, Nils Frahm

Composers Psycho & Plastic re-set with calming music video

Visually stunning and stimulating with its 3D effects from artist Max Füllbier and video animation editing from Thomas Georg Blank, Psycho & Plastic’s new video for the song ‘Back And Forth’ is a charming spectacle. The ‘Back And Forth’ single released via GiveUsYourGOLD is set to feature on the ambient duo’s forthcoming album Phantom Bliss, and we have no doubts it will sound just as delicate and elegant as this song.

Stream/ download: ‘Back And Forth’

In an interview with Reverbs, the duo commented on their new music: “We composed and produced our upcoming album Phantom Bliss in a flow state and only discovered the underlying concept after we had already finished the music. Phantom Bliss is music by and for quiet and introverted people, thinkers and readers, as well as doubters and dreamers. We know how lonely it gets amidst all the harsh and loud surroundings. The concept of Phantom Bliss acknowledges our human need for a mental place of refuge, a sonic safe space. It’s music for everyone who seeks comfort, without creating the illusion that everything is ok while it isn’t.”

We definitely feel comforted and a sense of calm watching this latest video. The soft monochrome filter and imagery of natural wildflowers work well together alongside the synth-infused ambient instrumentation. Psycho & Plastic ease and unwind the tired and introverted mind, so one can reset and gather their thoughts after a stressful day.

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