Beautiful Blū
Beautiful Blū

Beautiful Blū’s continues wartime narrative with second single ‘Future Blur’

Having recently released its single ‘One Final Day’, a work of political commentary, Beautiful Blū has returned with its latest offering titled ‘Future Blur’. The track draws from a pool of old-school works like Afrika Bambaattaa’s defining record ‘Planet Rock’ and Gary Numan’s ‘Cars’ to flavour the underlying theme of political uprising, a theme that will continue to suffuse Beautiful Blū’s upcoming debut LP iGenocide.

‘Future Blur’ tells a story, set in peacetime Europe before the mayhem of World War 2. Using gritty synths and chaotic drum breaks to illustrate the progression from normalcy to destruction, Beautiful Blū takes listeners to the brink of historical atrocity, conveying the stark darkness using heavy production and reflective lyrics. 

Beautiful Blū asks an important question: “What does the future hold? We tend to assume that everything will be OK. Many of us know the classic experiment that when you put a frog in boiling water it will jump out, but that when you put it in water, and then slowly turn the heat up, it will boil to death. Why? Because when things change slowly, we tend to accept the changes, even when the changes are for the worse.”

Hear ‘Future Blur’ below!

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