Grouper, Slowdive, Status Oblique
Grouper, Slowdive, Status Oblique

Experimental alternative band Status Oblique share song ‘The Shining Path’

Artwork credit: Roshan

Status Oblique’s sophomore release “The Shining Path” reveals the project’s somber side, with a wall of sound closing in on the listener, only kept at bay by a hypnotic beat.

Stream/ Download: The Shining Path

Teaming up again with prolific UK artist and musician Jenn Zed , this is Status Oblique‘s first release on Transmission Nova Records with the track mixed by label boss Almark.

Status Oblique composer Roshan says the track seeks to blur the lines between digital and natural sounds in a way that makes the source of sounds less important than the final product…

“Without drawing from them directly, I try to let my influences guide me as I develop the song. Sometimes it’s inconvenient, because this drags the song away from its original intent or sub-genre. As with All Systems Go, the vocals changed my thinking and after getting the recording from Jenn, I redrafted some of the soundscapes to match what she had done. Without that vocal, this song is just a collection of sounds.”

Transmission Nova head Almark described the song as a mashup of the Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos and Bauhaus

The Shining Path is out now on streaming ( and via Bandcamp (

About Status Oblique:

Status Oblique is a studio project by Perth based Australian musician Roshan which draws from a passion for post-punk, shoegaze, industrial and electronica to create deeply dark and atmospheric sounds.

Having created electronic music for more than 30 years including live and DJ performances, Status Oblique is Roshan’s first serious solo musical project, alongside his performances as bassist for local indie/shoegazey outfit Sonica.

The sound of Status Oblique falls inconveniently between genres, with inspiration drawn from a diverse yet connected artists such as Joy Division, New Order, Delphine Coma, Cocteau Twins, Schonwald, plus any number of electronic, industrial, post-punk, shoegaze and synth artists.

Status Oblique is signed to Transmission Nova, a sub-label of We Are The New Underground (WEATNU) .

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