MARIA Die RUHE challenges societal expectations with latest music video

MARIA Die RUHE bares it all in the music video for her latest single, ‘Skin’. There’s a strong contrast as we’re introduced to the organic surroundings of an ancient forest which holds the harsh, human imposed assumptions. The singer tackles these inner thoughts and reveals them to the world, while the stop motion effect highlights the tumultuous emotional road.

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In a post on Facebook, the artist discussed her own history with tackling body image insecurities while highlighting the importance of growing to love ones self, despite preconceived falls. As an artist, MARIA Die RUHE rejects industry expectations and embaces art in its true form, an expression of self. Her previous single, ‘Art Is The Only Real Translation Of Living For Me’ only further highlights this with its colourful abstract video

“When Natalia and I shot the stop motion pictures in the woods, I didn´t know if I´d ever release the material. Getting naked in front of a mirror with 0 degrees isn´t my favourite thing. Neither is dying in a bathtub. But going through that process completed my realization of how important it is to live and not to hide anymore. One body, one life – so better live it!“Maria Die RUHE tells us about the video and the concept behind it.

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    Image credit: Natalia Luzenko

By Sarah Britton

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