Music producer Tom Ashbrook debuts his stirringly beautiful song ‘Too Soon’

Recently released song, ‘Too Soon,’ from ambient-electro classical musician and producer Tom Ashbrook, has proven to be a hauntingly beautiful and stirring debut from the British composer. The hypnotically captivating and gorgeous single was released on September 27th via The Other Songs. The song will surely stir emotions in any listener. The track is from his upcoming EP, Sines, mastered by Mike Cave (who has worked with world-renowned artists such as Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, The Charlatans). Ashbrook has worked with the likes of Sir Paul McCartney and 6ix Toys composing the anthem for Liverpool’s 2008 award as European Capital of Culture city, a city that he calls home.

Tom Ashbrook explains his debut single ‘Too Soon’ as, ​“a remembrance, a personal experience with a family friends son tragically drowning at age 3. The idea of someone being taken too soon and not having the chance to live out their lives.” It’s no wonder that this track can stir so many emotions, but somehow he has captured this moment of grief and love and loss without sounding depressing or morbid. Instead, the song is beautiful reminder of the love and sorrow and pain experienced losing someone cherished but acts as a time capsule to honor their memory. ‘Too Soon’ has a strong narrative quality that makes it a perfect fit for film or television soundtracks. This song is just one example of how his music can stir and inspire and accompany any visual where emotion needs to be drawn out of any listener. We look forward to hearing more from this talented musician and composer.

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