Experimental techno producer Howie Lee shares 7 Weapons Series album

‘7 Weapons Series’ is the latest set of hybrid club tracks from the Beijing based producer Howie Lee on Belgian label Maloca Records.

Co-founder of the Do Hits label, Howie has made his mark through pioneering a new club sound that filters Chinese traditional and popular culture through the lens of the digital age. His productions have landed on labels such as SVBKVLT, Alpha Pup Records, Trapdoor, and more. 

His latest release, ‘7 Weapons Series’, is inspired by the Gu-Long’s novel series ‘Seven Weapons’, although the actual song names have nothing to do with the original series. On the album, Howie explores the effect of sampling, experimenting with what it means to take the sounds and give them new meaning and context.

Maloca Records

Howie Lee – 7 Weapons Series

Release date: 4th September 2020


Vinyl & Digital

Track List:

01. 无由颂 The Unreasonable Song

02. 错译噤 The Mistranslated Silence

03. 蜿蜒风 The Wriggled Wind

04. 反折竹 The Reflexed Bamboo

05. 干涸流 The Drained Stream

06. 界行僧 The Border-Walking Monk

07. 滞水荷 The Lotus in the Backwater

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