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Trip-hop music duo Happy Families release relatable existential crisis song

Image credit: Happy Families

 Happy Families have released ‘Learning to Do Nothing, a reflection on existential crisis, lack of a sense of purpose, brought into new context by a year of living with the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns. In a year of doing nothing ‘Learning To Do Nothing’ explores feeling disconnected and superfluous and invites listeners to reflect on their own changes. 

Written, recorded, produced and mixed at home by Lucia and Lawrence during this unsettling time the track is the first single to be released from their forthcoming debut album. The cover art, designed by Lucia, transports us to an otherworldly waiting room where we are marking time in safe mode until we can return to our “normal” lives. 

Informed by real-life conversations with friends coming to terms with their “new normal”, ‘Learning to Do Nothing’ takes the form of a diary journey. A solo cello looped like a drill beat carries us through the grind of everyday life. We are doing nothing. The pulse of an 808 reminds us of our own heartbeat. Lucia’s introspective vocals narrate the routine and inner thoughts while lush strings accompany us in our dreams of a more fulfilling existence.  We are learning to do nothing. Retro synth plucks and a spiccato string quartet add a sense of urgency. Perhaps surviving is enough. The result is cinematic, exuding futuristic spirit without sacrificing emotional depth.

Happy Families are London-based singer, songwriter and artist Lucia Rivero and producer Lawrence Chandler. The pair’s diverse sonic palette blends avant-pop, classical and trip hop creating their own soundworld. The duo has been featured in The Guardian, NME, The 405, The Quietus, numerous blogs and ‘zines and received significant radio airplay from BBC Radio and more worldwide.

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