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Minimal electronic music producer Elninodiablo releases new album

Lifted from his latest Dreamweaving EP, Elninodiablos oneiric journey of a tune Dorotheas Rainbow returns in the form of a four-track remix package featuring the likes of Norwegian cosmic disco maestro Prins Thomas, fabled UK vibist Ray Mang and currently in NYC residing talent Perel, in addition to Elninodiablo himself.

Channeling telluric energies and dubby, kosmische-laced electronics through a multi-faceted ride that keeps on shifting angles and tempi, Full Pupp head honcho Prins Thomas kicks it off on the smoothest note possible. Built as a full-fledged 12-minute long mini-odyssey, the track winds out a luscious mix of Afro-funk indebted drums, acid-dyed bass and further cross-pollinated cosmic disco dynamics. Most of the drum and bass parts were played live.

An absolute master groove-musher, British legend Ray Mang (Mangled, DFA, R&S, Toy Tonics, Eskimo… etc.) harnesses the power of the Italo-disco gods to weave a romantically jacking revamp; bridging the gap betwixt straight up electro heat and brass-laden funk from outer-space. Intrinsically tailored for the dancers pleasure, this ones bound to bring crowds to a steady simmer, just as is true with every Mang- led piece of work.

Third in line is Perel (DFA, Dischi Autunno, Uncanny Valley) muscling in with a hi-velocity revamp, clearly tuned to make heavy damage on the dancefloor. Taking the original in a whole new, 100%% club-oriented direction as well, Perels version fast-forwards us in an endless corridor of arpeggiated frenzy and lusciously synth-splattered firepower. Bespoke, pumped-up weaponry fully geared for peak-time action.

Final remix comes from Elninodiablo himself, who gives way to the fevered appeal of jungle drums, Venusian disco and powerhouse bass from hell. The result is a no-nonsense DJ asset, boiling up to a hectic momentum of restless robotic flute lines and filtered keyboard volutes painting the background all kinds of vivid summery colours. One to get the tiles of the roof flying off sharp and clean.

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