Nicolas Jaar, Leslie Keffer, Rival Consoles
Nicolas Jaar, Leslie Keffer, Rival Consoles

Experimental musician Leslie Keffer shares double album release

Image credit: Leslie Keffer

Leslie Keffer is an American noise and experimental artist residing in Chesterhill, Ohio. She got her start in 2003, releasing her first album Dielectric Lull  on Heresee records. Since then, she has been touring the world and has over 38  releases under her name. She also appeared on many labels such as Ecstatic Peace, Rampart, I Just Live Here, Nina Market, Tusco/Embassy, Lost Treasures of the Underworld, Maim and Disfigure, Cherried-Out Merch, No Kings. Her most recent albums were released  on WEATNU and Chocolate Monk. 

Stream/ Buy: Human Inosculation Part I and Human Inosculation Part II 

She is a member of Miami based Laundry Room Squelchers and has collaborated with Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, Rodger Stella, Unicorn Hard-On, Shark Face, and many more. Leslie Keffer has also played at  many music festivals such as All Tomorrow’s Parties, No Fun Fest, Color Out of Space, the worldwide International Noise Conference and Voice of the Valley to name a few.

Keffer’s previous effort Temple  is atmospheric, somatic, and focused on soul-searching. She uses her vocals and synth landscapes to generate lush and meditative sounds. Her new double album  Human Inosculation Part I and II ventures into microhouse and beat-driven jams. The intoxicating beats contemplate the pulsations of earth, energy and spirit.

Buy CD via WEATNU Records : Human Inosculation Part I / Human Inosculation Part II 

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