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Unpropped shares fractal EP, Acausality

Image credit: Chiara Bellamoli

What is Acausality? It is both a scientific term for the absence of cause (as in cause and effect) and the title of electronic producer Unpropped’s newly released EP. The title seems to refer to the nature of the music contained in the project: a textured mix of detached effects and anomalous happenings, as is exemplified by the lead single, ‘Inner’.

Stream / Download: Unpropped – Acausality

Alternatively, the title could be referring to the producer’s creative process, where he may have worked without a strict focus, in this case, the ‘cause’ that usually inspires the creation of a song or EP. Perhaps the project’s conception was not guided by a predetermined concept but rather a very different process, one that involves placing one idea in front of the next without a map. And the result is a fractal, eerie sort of a thing. A track that sounds as though it was recorded in outer space.

Enough speculation. The producer tells us how it was made: “This EP follows an unpublished 9-track album I had been putting together during 2021 and 2022. Nevertheless, I decided not to go on with the concept of that album and instead started to focus on the elements that made those specific tracks so captivating to me. How could I amplify those particular atmospheres which resonate much more with my own way of perceiving emotions, dreams, nature, society, and the world in general? Acausality is the earliest crystallization of that exploration process.”

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