Nastiya Kai – Pop powerhouse unleashes her debut album, Demon Era via her imprint Nastiya Kai Music.

Emerging alt pop sensation Nastiya Kai unleashes her debut album, Demon Era via her imprint Nastiya Kai Music. The LP follows the release of her most recent single, ‘Party At My House’ in April 2024 and her haunting hit ‘Bury Me’ in October 2023, with the latter receiving support from NOTION Magazine, CLASH Magazine, Wonderland Magazine and EARMILK Magazine as well as landing her an interview with Numéro Magazine and airplay on Flux FM. With her music accumulating more than 141 500 streams and counting, Nastiya Kai is carving a place for herself in pop’s prolific world, and she’s here to stay. 

Demon Era is an explosive 13-track confessional odyssey through turmoil, mental health, betrayal, desire, empowerment, self-actualization and so much more. Eluding the confines of a single genre, it offers the listener an array of sounds, from the gritty hyperpop of the short opener, ‘London’ to the power ballad ‘Hey Bridget’, and so much more. ‘Party At My Place’, is another stylistic smorgasbord – a pulsing, introspective avant-pop anthem dissolves into a short glitchy ambient passage, which in turn gives way to an outro sweetly sung over picked acoustic guitar. The album offers an eclectic feast of moods and genres, while retaining a cohesive sense of Nastiya Kai’s distinctive strength and potent, raw emotionality. 

Nastiya Kai divulged: “I’d Do Anything” is a fantasy. This is me thinking about what it would be like when you make it to the top. Would it make one happier? Does your life actually change or does it become emptier the higher you climb? I wanted it to sound quite soft and gentle so it feels like the narrator is walking on eggshells and unsure whether they belong or whether they’re doing anything right at all.

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