Wiguez and Paul Cortez Release Their Debut Single ‘La Decisión’ On The New ‘Salia Sounds’ Imprint

Paul Cortez and Wiguez deliver a mesmerising Latin Pop single that delves into a tale of heartbreak, and the search for healing. ‘La Decisión’ is the debut release on the brand new Salia Sounds imprint which promises to shake up the Urban Latin music scene. 

Highly revered rapper Paul Cortez wears his heart on his sleeve, as he details the grief and pain of heartbreak. Paul Cortez mirrors the confusion and longing often experienced in romantic heartbreaks, with his clever wordplay and bold vulnerability.

Released on 12 June, La Decisión’ was produced by the mighty Wiguez, who has played an integral role with record label NCS since 2021. Wiguez also serves as the A&R for Salia Sounds. Wiguez is widely known for his incorporation of traditional flamenco sounds into his own productions. He caught the attention of UKF who featured his track Marcheur on their renowned Youtube channel last year. 

Both originally from Seville, Wiguez and Paul Cortez have created a track with bass-driven energy and an accessible commercial melody. It also has a stunningly picturesque music video accompanying it, further relaying the message of longing, pain and the desire to heal after heartbreak. 

The co-owner of Salia Sounds Tommie Keeston says “We’re super excited to be launching an imprint that fully supports the vibrant Urban latin music scene. The team have all serviced the industry for many years under different guises and now they bring forward a great skill set to help drive and showcase the amazing talent coming through.”

With Wiguez producing tracks that have garnered millions of views, along with Paul Cortez’s honesty and melodic lyrical performances, ‘La Decisión’ will firmly solidify Salia Sounds position in the Latin music scene as the fastest growing market in the U.S. 

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