Ital Tek is set to release 5th album on Planet Mu Records

Alan Myson aka Ital Tek has four albums and several more EP’s to his name.

For his upcoming album Myson has completely gone back to the drawing board, looking to his earlier teenage days of making music. The label promises it’s less floor-focused than his dubstep and footwork-inspired past material and heading towards a more “abstract, impressionistic and elegant sound”.

In his own words, he says

“When I was 15 I would make endless minidisks with my guitar and effects…With this record I bought the guitar I wanted back then and hit record, creating hours of drones, loops and textures. I wanted to make the album that was in my head when I was 14 but I had no idea how to.”

Listen to “Reflection Through Destruction” below. 

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