Electronic percussionists Medium Douce share new music in the form of their ATTACCA EP

Electronic-percussion act Medium Douce released their new EP ATTACCA on July 19th via Uppwind Records. Medium Douce is a project established in 2016 by four percussionists and electronic music enthusiasts. They compose all their songs themselves, writing music for a unique array of percussive instrumentation (marimbas, vibes, drums, etc.) and synthesizers.

The result is an EP made for summer rains pouring down outside while you find solace in doors on a humid afternoon. The marimbas bring in the summer, no matter where you are in the world and you can practically smell the rain hitting the damp earth, right from the first track. However, they manage to achieve all of these impressions while still retaining a modern sound ensuring that their work will be appreciated across cultures

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