Electronic music producer & singer Kedr Livanskiy shares new video

Moscow singer and producer Kedr Livanskiy has revealed her new video “Ivan Kupala (New Day)”. The single is from her latest album, Your Need, which cemented her on the forefront of Russia’s burgeoning electronic and experimental music scene. Director Konstantin Bushmanov and Kedr herself journey out with a group of teenagers, following them as their day turns into an unexpected adventure. 

Kedr explains, “Fantasies and reality become one and it’s unclear where one space ends and another begins. Before us is the brotherhood of the ‘new day’ – the haven of the last romantics, industrial warriors of love and light. Strong love and friendship reign within the community. The heroes live a day full of fun and foolishness, but by nightfall they find themselves in a dark forest; dark – like the depths of the human consciousness – where together they overcome and conquer fears, destroying invisible demons.They are initiated by fire and sword, and meet a new day, opening up boundless space for new exploits and challenges.”

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