TYCHO & RUM.GOLD share new single and video “Run Away”

Tycho is back with a new single Run Away, in collaboration with R&B singer-songwriter rum.gold, which is a step into bold new territory for both artists. “Run Away” marks the first new original music from Tycho since the release of February’s ‘Simulcast,’ the companion record to his GRAMMY-nominated 2019 album ‘Weather,’ and the first new music from rum.gold since the Juneteenth release of his track “Fix Me,” inspired by the current movement for social change in the United States. 

rum.gold is a singer-songwriter from the DMV living in Brooklyn, NY. Up until now he’s kept most of what he’s working on a secret. rum.gold’s music is best described as the selfish revolution of a wallflower. His voice is rich, delicate and carries an unfathomable beauty. There is a  depth of melody and soul within his songs that is transcendent. His performances are intimate and honest. Left of center R&B, informed by the past but pushing the confines of different genres. No boundaries. Unapologetic.
The track seamlessly blends the hallmarks of Tycho’s music – detailed arrangements, crisp production and skittering electronics – with rum.gold’s soulful vocals and emotionally resonant lyrics. This is the first time that Tycho has worked with a male vocalist and while Tycho and rum.gold never worked together in person due to COVID-19 (the former is based in San Francisco, the latter in Brooklyn), their chemistry is evident. 

Speaking about the track, rum.gold said “‘Run Away’ was fun to write not only because this isn’t my usual style of writing but also because I got to play a different character other than myself. It’s a very selfish track while also being apologetic and reflective at the same time.”

Tycho mastermind Scott Hansen added “With ‘Run Away,’ I wanted to take new musical ideas and wrap them in the familiar sonics and textures of my sound. Working with rum.gold’s voice was really freeing in that it provided the contrast needed to push things into a different emotional space.”

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