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Producer Gerry Read releases disco-infused house song ‘Sunshine Kissing’

London-based DJ/Producer Gerry Read is proud to announce the release of his new single ‘Sunshine Kissing’ out via Ministry of Sound. A cut of disco-infused, off-kilter house, the single follows previous 2020 release ‘Sh*t Can’t Make Anything’  – a buoyant track that reintroduced Gerry back into the fold. 

Like all things Gerry Read, ‘Sunshine Kissing’ is a track imbued with a sense of playfulness – chiming highlife guitars strut through the track, giving way to sampled vocals and a triumphant horn break. Underneath this joyous atmosphere, there is a huge sense of detail: samples are painstakingly layered upon another, recalling the approach of acclaimed artists such as The Avalanches and DJ Shadow. 

On the track, Gerry says, “I made ‘Sunshine Kissing’ in August in the steaming heat of springtime May/June 2019. I remember thinking to myself after I’d chucked a slamming beat underneath the sample ‘woah – I could really get my snog on to this track in this heat’ and funnily enough, the sample was saying ‘Sunshine Kissing’.”

He continues – “Also, go and check that whole album where the sample is 21st century – ahead of our time. So whether you’re kissing girlfriend, boyfriend, hand, stepdad – I hope you enjoy this track!” 

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