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Avant-garde pop singer shares paralyzing song, ‘Only Man’

 Image Credit: Dylan Chubb

Leaving us breathless and awe with her previous CGI music video ‘ Another Me’ last month, avant-garde pop singer artist Fifi Rong has returned with the delicate and highly sensitive single ‘Only  Man’. This song touches on love unreciprocated that it leaves you somewhat paralyzed and lost. 

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A true artist, Fifi expresses raw emotions through her music, the singer & creative provides cathartic relief for herself & her fans. Previously speaking about the desired message she hopes to achieve with Chill Music (read interview), she commented:  “Expressing the inevitable pain embedded in human conditions that words can’t describe, and the accepting, healing, transcending of it.”

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Fifi Rong sings about the many intricacies of having a heart filled with emotion, and empathy for others. Her latest single ‘Only Man’ does a complete 360 rotation from its predecessor, with its more defeated frame of mind. This is the perfect break-up anthem for a relationship that never was or ever could be.  Fifi Rong sings about raw, and honest challenges that one can have in finding a significant other in this latest offering. 

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