Pink Floyd, Cocteau Twins, Sharon van Etten, ANIQO
Pink Floyd, Cocteau Twins, Sharon van Etten, ANIQO

Rock singer ANIQO shares divinely eerie song ‘Fear’

 Image credit: Peter Hoennemann

Honest lyrics meet divinely eerie psychedelic textures with singer-songwriter ANIQO’s latest song ‘Fear’. Released today via SPRINGSTOFF, this track is packed with fierce female energy  and vocals throughout. ‘Fear’ will be featured on the musician’s forthcoming album BIRTH which will be released at the start of 2022 . ANIQO has also seen support from a range of reputable publications like Post Punk, Far Out Magazine, and New Noise Mag.

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The singer shared that ‘Fear’ was written as an anthem to embrace the dark parts of ourselves and the “shadow sides” as she explained previously. In a world where your every flaw is scrutinized and considered unacceptable to society, it’s hard not to feel like you have been rejected. ANIQO liberates herself and her listeners with a lively rock anthem that embraces bad and finds the good qualities in those times.

ANIQO elaborates:  “‘Fear’ is about dealing with various fears that live within us but are also transported from the outside and can thus be obstacles to our own powerful energetic positive development. I structured the song like a priestly chant – the first part takes over the helping hand that tries to relativize fears which arise mainly in ourselves. It’s an encouragement to not to be irritated by our own little devil or shadow sides that nibbles at our self-confidence and often keeps us from going down new paths.”

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