oOoOO, Clams Casino, sweeep, Holy Other
oOoOO, Clams Casino, sweeep, Holy Other

Music producer sweeep crafts quality electronic album

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Like a burst of adrenaline, listening to music producer sweeep’s new album wake up before u die via Sonical Dior will make you feel goosebumps with its delightfully dark energy. Varied elements come into play with her experimentally focused electronic work and we are hooked from track one to the final seconds on track fourteen.

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A mostly self-taught producer, sweeep creates magic in her work that has a somewhat cinematic element to it at times. In a previous interview with Muze FM, the musician remarked: “I made the album during a phase of inspiration. Before I just had a break for some months when I didn’t make much music at all, so my inspiration was finally back and I produced the whole album in a short period of time. That’s how I’ve always been working, I have some intense periods when I make music 24/7 and some periods when I don’t wanna touch my computer at all. I don’t think there’s any idea to force things that don’t come naturally. It usually doesn’t turn out as good as it could otherwise. But if you hit a creative wall and still want to stay productive, I would suggest focusing on the more practical stuff that doesn’t require as much creativity, like mixing and organizing folders and recordings.”

Album track ‘blood runs cold’ features on

An artist that focuses on detail and creating music that isn’t rushed, we are in awe of sweeep’s work ethic and non-conforming standards in this fast-paced and fickle industry. Instead, she focuses on each track, pouring her heart and mind into these mind-altering arrangements that consume one beat by beat. This is an artist that crafts their authentic sound with delicate precision and is already a winner in our books. 

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