Synkro, Joy Orbison, Burial, and Nosaj Thing
Synkro, Joy Orbison, Burial, and Nosaj Thing

Ambient producer Synkro shares surreal song ‘Floatation’

Image credit: KODO.Photography

Whether we are relaxing or concentrating, we all need calming music to play. And Synkro’s latest ambient composition is precisely that. ‘Floatation’ is the first single shared from Zeb Samuels‘, of Deep Heads, compilation titled Cosmic Vibrations Vol.3 and is a world of wonder teaming with life.

Stream / Download: ‘Floatation’

The record is an artwork in the classical sense of the word. As listeners, we stand back and observe its surrealism, yet when we look closer we find that it contains aspects of nature. The textures Synkro has created can only be likened to droplets of rain pattering on a tree canopy or organisms crawling in a dense heap of leaves. The sensation is ticklish, yet nurturing.

Synkro’s use of atmosphere is stunning. Melodious soundscapes ensconce listeners in a forest of swaying tones. We drift on a surface of sub-bass, and the river floats us headlong toward rushing waters. Closing our eyes, we drift along, happy to go wherever Synkro would like to take us.

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