eevee and sweeep Grimes, Eartheater, FKA twigs, Bsd.u and Jinsang
eevee and sweeep Grimes, Eartheater, FKA twigs, Bsd.u and Jinsang

Artists eevee and sweeep muse about friendship in new LP

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It is common knowledge that music is a force that brings people together. This remains true for fans and musicians alike. eevee and sweeep are two musicians who possess their own direction and genre pocket, but chance brought them together. And, after forming a bond, they have shared their joy of toying with sound. Their new album, vandalism and selfcare, Is the result of that joy.

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Reflecting on how they met, the two artists give us insight into how it all happened, saying “We’ve been friends for years, while traveling and playing shows b2b, but its only since recently we started producing tracks together. This album reflects the times we had and made our friendship even deeper.”

The album has certain qualities that show individual personality and connection. For example, ‘dear life I’m tired’ carries a certain detachment, as if eevee laid down the lo-fi-heavy guitars, leaving the drums to sweeep, who went on to program a house-like set of rhythms, thereby fusing together otherwise separable streams into one body of work and illustrating their relationship.

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