Zeb Samuels For Fans of- Burial, Nils Frahm, and Ólafur Arnalds.
Zeb Samuels For Fans of- Burial, Nils Frahm, and Ólafur Arnalds.

Zeb Samuels shares otherworldly project ‘Cosmic Vibrations Vol.3’

Image credit: Daniel Blenman

The wait is over. Zeb Samuels (an artist and the label head of Deep Heads) has unveiled his latest project, an atmospheric compilation, aptly titled Cosmic Vibrations Vol.3, that features a variety of well-established musicians including Lapalux, Bonobo, and Zeb Samuels himself. 

Stream / Download: Cosmic Vibrations Vol. 3

Zeb Samuels and Byron Wallen collaborated on the project’s focus track and created a single that, whether intentional or otherwise, encapsulates the essence of the compilation. An electric piano rings out, reverberating toward oblivion, a low octave bassline packs body onto the chords, and a lamenting woodwind calls out. Each note scorches the vacuum of time and space, burning brightly until they have reached their climax, quenched by a few gentle keystrokes. 

The project is the culmination of years of effort and drive. Speaking about its creation, Zeb tells us, “Cosmic vibrations is a compilation series I have been working on since 2018. The music presented in the series follows a thread of chilled out, cosmic vibrations that is selected by myself. The selection of recordings is a mixture of new tracks from artists that I have approached about the project, as well as some of our own catalogue on the Deep Heads Label and other productions from some of my favourite artists I listen to”.

Cosmic Vibrations Vol. 3 Tracklist

1. Zeb Samuels – Breeze Blowing (Sun Rain Remix)

2. Liminka – Where Are You Now (Extended Mix)

3. Lapalux – Don’t Mean A Thing

4. Sidi – R.Winter

5. Bonobo – Kota

6. Himalia – No One

7. Escapism Refuge – Missing

8. Jasper Tygner – Change Your Mind

9. Zeb Samuels – Strawberry Head

10. glue70, Benjac & Harry Griffiths – Sahmbe

11. glue70 – Majer

12. Synkro – Floatation

13. Congi – Cold Water

14. Sun Rain – Fog Dance

15. Feverkin – Deconstruct

16. Zeb Samuels & Byron Wallen – Theme 17

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