himalia For Fans of- Jamie xx, Burial, and Four Tet.
himalia For Fans of- Jamie xx, Burial, and Four Tet.

Himalia’s sound transcends boundaries with new song

Image credit: David Hinman

Cutting-edge producer Himalia’s new single ‘No One’, via Deep Heads, is a breath-giving and fantastically rejuvenating song. The beat serves to untie deep tensed knots in the body and the mind. ‘No One’ is an invitation to the unseen but altering power of sound. The track presents excellent musical craftsmanship. Each note is sublime and gently calms the mind, while lyrics and soft vocals meander lightly through the phonics.  

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‘No One’ is a track that features on the forthcoming compilation Cosmic Vibrations Vol.3, compiled by Zeb Samuels. The song is a kaleidoscope of really cool arrangements. The notes ease into each other effortlessly from the beginning to the end of the track. Himalia elaborates on ‘No One’, saying, “I wanted to make something that had elements of my early influences like Synkro, medschool, garagey type vibes but also retaining my sound and where I’m currently at with music”.

Based in Manchester, hailing from Lincoln, Himalia’s accolades are substantial. His music was featured on the Youtube channels Ambient (523k subs) and SirChillicious. Furthermore, He is a signee of Timbaland’s Beatclub.

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