Luminist, Brian Eno, Jon Hopkins
Luminist, Brian Eno, Jon Hopkins

Luminist releases video game score, shares ambient song ‘Morning Whispers’

Image credit: Christo Herriot

Infinite Hex signee and producer Luminst has blessed us with the music of the gods. What do I mean? His latest soundtrack sets the backdrop of the Norse-mythology-based arcade-style video game ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree, created by Wildboy Studios

Stream/ buy: Atone: Heart of the Elder Tree (Original Soundtrack)

Listening to it, I feel as though I’m wandering through a misty meadow in some ancient, fantastical land. This is particularly true of his track ‘Morning Whispers’, track number 10 of a gigantic 38-track project, which thrums with a lightness characteristic of the in-between scenes of an old-school video game where players are free to explore at their leisure. With a 16-bit quality, the game and the soundtrack alike attempt to recapture an era of videogames long past yet not forgotten. 

The game is stylized, with simple characters and colourful graphics, and Luminist seems to have emulated the game’s vibrancy while retaining a similar minimalism. As a result, the soundtrack and the game are a cohesive unit, an important criterion for a videogame soundtrack producer to meet, I’m sure.

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