Kooma, Nils Frahm, Brian Eno, eevee, Jinsang
Kooma, Nils Frahm, Brian Eno, eevee, Jinsang

Kooma’s new song ‘Subliminal’ sets a relaxing mood

Image credit: Samir Abya

Having spent the past six years defining his sound, Floating, Drifting Records signee Kooma has pulled the curtains back on a new single ‘Subliminal’. The record follows his 2022 mixtape Freefall and marks a change for the Finnish producer. What change, you ask?

“Typically I’d program drums over soundscapes like ‘Subliminal’,” he tells us, describing the decision that ultimately set the course of what the single would become. “but my gut feeling told me to keep it minimal: no drums, just melodies. Ambient songs like this leave more space for imagination, and I hope that this piece will spark inspiration for the listeners!”

Stream / Download: Kooma – ‘Subliminal’

‘Subliminal’ is a palette of reverb-drenched tones. A three-step pluck motif echoes behind a wall of sustained bass in a call and response with a guitar. Static noise adds that vintage warmth. Subtle accents expand like ripples on a mirror-finish lake, reminding me of a rainy day and the pleasant experience of cuddling up inside, watching droplets run down the window pane. 

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