Nowun, cxlt., Antent, Øneheart
Nowun, cxlt., Antent, Øneheart

Nowun shares easy-listening song ‘Unsaid’

Image credit: George Toft

Ambient music comes in many forms, shapes, and sizes. Fitting the genre to his personal specifications, UK native Nowun has shared ‘Unsaid’, a new single that will feature on the Cosmic Vibrations Vol. 4 Compilation, a collection of music curated by the Deep Heads record label. 

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With ‘Unsaid’, there is no rush. From the start, the record is easygoing. It is one of those sit-back-and-chill tracks, a real soother. Filling the frequency spectrum with sustained bass notes, Nowun brightens things up with some birdsong. That is, he has added sounds of nature to listeners into his sonic zen garden.

“This track was made late at night, trying to capture the reminiscent feeling of being alone at the end of the day, reflecting on what has been and gone,” the producer says. No wonder the song is as relaxing as it is. After all, his nighttime composition manages to convey what its maker set out to express.

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