WMD, Novo Amor, Tycho, Firewoodisland
WMD, Novo Amor, Tycho, Firewoodisland

Review of WMD’s cohesive new LP

Image credit: Michael Erickson

Seattle-based producer WMD has released his new 10-track album Deliquesce with the Natural Blonde imprint. The album sees him take his years of production experience, having started as a youth, and distil it into a moody and sometimes sombre collection. Let’s delve in

Stream / Download: WMD – Deliquesce LP

The already released single ‘Yearn’ (read our feature on the single here) is a minimal production. Guitars ring out in broken chords, leaving a sort of hollow space in which the other instruments appear: a bowed violin accents the constant piano, which serves as a heartbeat and gives the track its pulse.

‘So In Love’ leads the big reveal, highlighting the overall tone of the album. One can find the element contained throughout the project: guitars, processed vocals, strings, and softly-tapping drums. Overall, WMD has sustained cohesiveness, managing to do so using sound choice.

Deliquesce Tracklist:

1. Deliquesce

2. So In Love

3. Formless

4. Nowhere

5. Yearn

6. Your Desolate Stillness

7. Softly Folded Dawn

8. Tied To The Mast

9. Twofold Silence

10. Vetiver

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