mïus, Jamie xx, Jon Hopkins, Ben Böhmer, Moderat
mïus, Jamie xx, Jon Hopkins, Ben Böhmer, Moderat

Review of electrifying producer mïus’ new album

Image credit: Bence Szemerey

Abstrakt is the title that producer mïus gave his new album, a collection of tracks that are just that. They do not conform to a strict narrative but rather follow themes in a collage-like manner, hinted at but never explicitly expressed. Furthermore, the album was released under the Théque Records imprint on both digital and vinyl. 

Stream / Download: mïus – Abstrakt LP

Let’s look at a couple of the tracks: Like a match to a candle wick, ‘Feather’ catches, flickering as it burns, growing brighter with each passing moment, unsteady yet fighting against the cold extinguishing air until it warms enough to sustain itself. We wonder whether the track was created with this sense of motion to translate to light, seeing as the producer has put together an audio-visual show, naked waves, with Attaray Visual, which he will be showcasing later this year.

‘Clappp’ is a colour-changing merry-go-round. With each passing cycle, the central ever-repeating synth changes hues, morphing as the song progresses, taking on new and interesting dimensions. A pattern is emerging, one which is crystalised with ‘Freedom’. Like the two previously mentioned tracks, it begins with the stuttering of a gate effect. This gives the songs a unity for the ear to hold onto while other, less stable sounds threaten to unmoor listeners.

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