Unpropped, Plastikman, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Lorn
Unpropped, Plastikman, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Lorn

Spanish experimenter Unpropped shares ‘Virola’

Image credit: Chiara Bellamoli

Unpropped is a Spanish experimental music producer who is preparing to release his debut EP later this month, a 5-track work that was mastered by the founder of Scape Mastering, Stefan Betke, an engineer who has previously worked with noteworthy names like Apparat, Richie Hawtin, and Kangding Ray. But before he releases the EP, titled Acausality, he has shared, ‘Virola’, a single to whet listener’s tastebuds. 

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Giving us a sneak peek into how the track was created, Unpropped shares: “There was a lot of resampling involved in the production of Virola, which is actually the merge of two different ideas that I had projected for separate tracks. The initial part was created with an Elektron Digitone, and it is also comprised of two totally independent lines. I was very surprised when I noticed how well both of them fit when I began to work on the transition from one to the other.”

A bit about the producer: Unpropped is a well-travelled musician. He has honed his musical ear in countries like Brazil, India, and Morocco, but ultimately settled in Germany. Having garnered attention from CLASH Magazine for his single ‘Nousle’, the producer seems to have gained some momentum online, where he was also supported by Electronic Groove, and  House Music With Love.

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