Tarotplane announces a new EP with delicate track “Papilionidae”

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Baltimore-based PJ Dorsey, AKA Tarotplane, teases the release of his five-tracks EP Murmuration on 25th of August by unveiling “Papilionidae”, a hypnotic and soaring musical invitation to discover his experimental universe.

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Often described as new school Kosmiche, Tarotplane’s music blends in loose psych-rock sounds, ambient techno tonalities and live experimental instrumentations. But what makes Dorsey’s musical signature so distinctive goes beyond the constraints of genres, it is the uniqueness of his tone – at the same time highly crafted and polished but experimentally unrestrained. 

As Tarotplane confessed in an interview to Washington Post in January, “Some music just feels too literal, I’ve always been interested in abstraction, in travel, in mental travel.” Hence, in each new project, Tarotplane takes the listeners with him on his journey for perfection, exploring different musical aesthetics, deconstructing sounds and melding his influences into a unique voice. 

Constructed as a dialogue between traditional flute and electric guitar, the ethereal track “Papilionidae ” fuses ambient sonorities with organic melodies. Mapping out the contours of the EP’s atmospheric and impalpable soundscapes, the track acts as the pacifying opener of what promises to be a mesmerizing musical exploration. 

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