mïus, Jamie xx, Jon Hopkins, Ben Böhmer, Moderat
mïus, Jamie xx, Jon Hopkins, Ben Böhmer, Moderat

mïus and Raf Skowroński explore human connection in new song

Image credit: Bence Szemerey

Electronic producer mïus has teamed up with vocalist Raf Skowroński to create ‘Last Time’, a tense, melancholic single that will appear on mïus’ soon-to-be-released 8-track album, Abstrakt, which will be available on the 2nd of June via Théque Records.

Stream / Download: mïus – ‘Last Time Ft. Raf Skowroński’

Raf Skowroński’s lyrics juxtapose mïus’ sombre instrumentation, at least initially. Then, we pick up that the song is a conflict between trying to remain happy and giving in. The track takes us from hope to pain and back again. Deeply romantic, it seemingly captures the power and loss inherent in the short yet intense burning of momentary love.

Featured singer Raf Skowroński describes the song’s subject matter: “Last Time is a song about deep and strong connection with other human beings. It’s about people who we often love but take for granted. Relationships that don’t last forever even though, in the moment, they feel like they do.”

Abstrakt LP Tracklist:

1. Feather ft. Amme

2. Clappp

3. Slow Burn ft. HALOSARA

4. Freedom ft. Raf Skowroński

5. Quattro

6. Ode ft. Amme

7. Last Time ft. Raf Skowroński

8. 8. Walls II ft. Daniel Varga

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