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Hologramme emerges with electric new LP SOLEDAD opus 32 no.1

Clément Leduc, the Canadian producer and arranger known as Hologramme, has returned with his third album SOLEDAD opus 32 no.1 which was released through his own imprint Société Holographique de Montréal on the 29th of September 2023. He has begun to make a mark in the world of electronic music, showing no signs of slowing down. He has toured in support of the likes of Fakear and Mome, appeared at Piknic Electronik (Montreal), and Timeless Festival in South Africa, alongside moguls such as Royksopp and Tycho, as well as Montreal Jazz Fest in 2022 where he headlined to over 3000+ attendees. In addition to this, his music has accumulated over 5.2 million streams across all platforms.

SOLEDAD opus 32 no.1 keeps you on the edge of your seat – its mood varies, but remains somewhat  energetically introspective throughout each track. There are hints of genres that will please a vast array of palates, including but not limited to orchestral music, jazz, downtempo – even deep house. Hologramme’s gritty yet ethereal electronic production and tasty choice of instrumentation creates a stunning blend of textures; a true odyssey of electronic music.

“SOLEDAD opus 32 no.1 is an exploratory album and a screenshot of a transitional moment in my personal life,” Hologramme commented. “With this new opus, I allowed myself to study different musical styles without putting restrictions on myself. I imagined this album as if it were a film, separated into two chapters by the Adagios. It’s a record that can be listened to with your eyes closed since it is loaded with images. I also believe that it was a moment in my life where I understood the importance of imperfection in art. It is an important parallel with life, with relationships and with this indescribable force that holds everything that exists together. HSO32NO1 is a complex album, full of subtleties, loaded with emotions and contrasts, it is a record tailored for active listening, to be consumed without moderation.”

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