Credit: Lino Escurís

The sensory sonic sorcery of Blanco’s new single ‘rw#2’

Blanco Decazador (moniker of Iván Blanco Silva) has released a new track, ‘rw #2’, on 20th October 2023 via his own label Blanco Decazador. rw #2 has been released alongside three other tracks as part of a collection called Reworks. The Spanish producer and composer creates complex soundscapes that bend and rotate like waning memories. His music weaves its narrative with a continuous collage-decollage technique, polished with synthesizer sounds and acoustic instruments, structurally reminiscent of cinematic soundtracks and classical music. 

rw #2′ is an exemplary demonstration of this, where Blanco Decazador’s sonic prowess shines through. The track is a fifteen-minute odyssey of textures with layers that densify and recede and tones that modulate throughout. Awash with ambient drones, skeletal synth sequences, hypnotic dark analogue/electroacoustic sounds and ineffable melodies, it is a soundscape that, while varied, is pulled by a strong undercurrent of melancholy.

rw #2′ could easily be found in the soundtrack of an arthouse film. The track takes the listener on a sensory and emotional journey that is immersive and transportive – and most of all, unremittingly hypnotic.

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