Credit: Jasper Sommer


EMMI IIDA released a new single, Energy Guru’, on the 26th of October 2023 via her independent label EFG Records Oy. After hosting solo exhibitions of visual art around the world, the multi-talented, Finnish artist has translated her visual expertise into sonic balms for the soul. Her accompanying production company, EFG Productions Oy, hopes to bring about holistic well-being and fresh frequencies through holistic artists. Now, fresh off the heels of the success of her first single, Blooming, her second has already gained support from notable tastemakers METAL Magazine and CLASH Mag, not to mention an interview with MTV Finland. ‘Energy Guru’ was produced by #1, gold-disc-selling songwriter and producer Jess Sharman, behind music for film and TV such as Grey’s Anatomy, Love Island, and The Inbetweeners. Accelerating EMMI‘s momentum, ‘Energy Guru’ premiered on Thursday with support from NOCTIS Mag.

On ‘Energy Guru’, EMMI IIDA delivers a delicate declaration of love – both for herself and the external world. The song’s opening bars are nothing shy of idyllic: as lush synths and angelic strings flutter into the ether. Like raindrops, ever-soothing, her voice ushers in a deep state of calm. The arrival of her vocals beckons the listener in, calming and insightful, demanding focus in a spellbinding fashion. Before a gentle kick beat drives the power behind the themes of validation and self-empowerment. EMMI sings through her struggles and the resultant power she has derived from them. Seeking to embolden and educate the listener with her enlightening lyrics, the result is a deeply healing journey of lyrical loss and love.

EMMI IIDA had this to say about her latest release:Energy Guru is about standing in your power as your higher self, the best and most aligned version of yourself, having all the chakras balanced, feeling excited and inspired about life, connected with the divine and celebrating life with the colourful orchestra! Feeling true happiness! Energy guru is about that inner, higher self that keeps talking to you in meditation, bringing colours into your life and the feeling of being surrounded by the enormous, never-ending love of the Universe.” 



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