Cross Record premieres her track ”The Fly”

Cross Record has premiered her single, “The Fly” from her self-titled album, due to be released on the 2nd of August. The album was recorded with musician Andrew Hulett and producer Theo Karon.

Since the release of Cross Record’s last album, 2016’s Wabi Sabi, the Austin, TX-based Cross has divorced, quit drinking, become a death doula, started the observational podcast “What I’m Looking At,” and toured and recorded with Sub Pop’s Loma. In her songs, Cross reconciles her present state of being with her experiences of the past few years. Themes of departure and separation were inspired by her new role as a death doula, which helps clients navigate decisions and hardships at the end of life. Cross’s work in helping others face their greatest fears inhabits the same space as her art, which has always explored the metaphysical in the everyday.

Ahead of the album, she has already released a simple video to accompany the single. It’s mainly a still black and white shot, with the occasional set of lyrics appearing to give them emphasis.

The album will be available on Ba Da Bing and you can pre-order it here.

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