IDM producer Bastian Benjamin releases thought-provoking music video

Filled with multiple meanings IDM composer Bastian Benjamin has shared his thought-provoking music video for his single ‘Concrete’. Through dance, protest and fear are shown in the female protagonist, who later embraces her environment that she tries to shy away from. The ‘Concrete’ music video makes one think of how they react to ideas that they do not understand.

Drum Thud shares their thoughts on the new music video, “ Filmed in a vacant warehouse setting, the focus point is fully captured in the movement of the dancers who carry the raw energy of the narrative in Benjamin’s single ‘Concrete’  gracefully.”

Bastian Benjamin worked on the creative input behind the scenes, he commented, “This is my third video clip, and definitely my biggest one yet. I’ve always wanted to create videos, as well as music. Making videos always made me a little bit scared because I have no experience and/or knowledge about directing. It’s crazy to see how much you can achieve when you just start somewhere and see where the ship will take you.”

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