Six Missing, Nils Frahm, Brian Eno, Olafur Arnalds
Six Missing, Nils Frahm, Brian Eno, Olafur Arnalds

Producer Six Missing stills minds with new EP Intentions II

Image credit: Hannah Edelman

Producer Six Missing released his latest EP Intentions II as well as shared the track ‘Peaceful One’ both under Sea Level Sounds on the 9th of December. The meditation enthusiast actively sought to fuse meditation with music, which resulted in a hypnotic sound that reinvigorates the mind. His latest offering does not deviate from this fusion. 

Gentle and raw piano notes dominate in ‘Peaceful One’, giving it an organic quality that seems to move closer to listeners as the song progresses, giving the impression that a live performance is taking place. The development of the song is like a 100-person orchestra that begins with a solo and ends with the accumulation of the entire 100 musicians. Soft organs join the piano and the song ascends to a fervid conclusion with the addition of the violins. Every track in the new EP Intentions II holds a tranquilising element that possesses a progressive quality similar to ‘Peaceful One’ albeit in different ways, for example, either containing an expertly crafted fusion of soft birds chirping and gentle electronic notes or organic guitar strings laced with electronic notes. 

Stream / Download: Six Missing – Intention II EP

Six Missing discusses his hopes for the Intentions II EP with these words: “I loved the idea of sharing music intended for those wishing to sit and set clear intentions, versus resolutions, for the year ahead. I wanted to be able to give the listener a soundtrack for their meditation, a gentle place to exist while going inward. As with ‘Intention’, the track names are suggestions for words to meditate on”.

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