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Industrial club DJ Bjørn Hatterud releases album, Trim 4 Eldre

“TRIM 4 ELDRE” is strange and dirty club music patched together in an industrial avant-garde sound, sprinkled with bad puns.

Bjørn Hatterud has been involved in noise music, experimental electronics and sound art since the early 2000s. This time  he maltreats dark corners from an injured club-landscape, occasionally rhythmic, pretty danceable. It’s EDM on GHB and ADHD.

Add quirky samples, weird  titles in norwegian  and complicated connotations to the bottom shelf on a cheap store, and you have a pink garbage explosion on record.

The release also inculdes 8 megamixes of cutting edge artists such as Helene Rickhard og Rune Lindbæk, Svere Knusen, Tore Honoré Bøe og Psycheek.

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