Gabylonia,Natti Natasha, ChocQuibTown, Harry Belafonte, Ubisoft,Porfi Baloa,
Gabylonia,Natti Natasha, ChocQuibTown, Harry Belafonte, Ubisoft,Porfi Baloa,

The Music of Yara for Ubisoft’s acclaimed game Far Cry® 6 unveiled

The Music Of Yara, the original game soundtrack for Ubisoft’s Far Cry® 6 has officially been shared. The 28 track offering is a melting pot of various artists with a distinctly Latin and Caribbean feel.

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The game is set in the fantasy world of Yara,  for which the game-creators have built an entirely fictional culture – even including a national anthem. Each track can be described as a component that makes up a full emotional spectrum within the soundtrack. As Ubisoft’s audio director Eduardo Vaisman explains “This soundtrack reflects how the Latino culture could be represented like a constellation of different emotions, we have the traditional music deeply rooted in the Afro-Caribbean culture, the power of  a rebel youth present through rap and hip-hop, an anthem that brings the feeling of belonging and patriotism and party and love songs that reflect the uplifting spirit of hope and joy.”

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Ubisoft is a socially conscious gaming company that promotes local involvement and environmental responsibility through gaming. It comes as no surprise then, that the game itself speaks of the conflict of good and evil, giving players the first-person opportunity to take part in a  modern-day guerilla revolution. The game is beautifully supported by the Afro-centric soundtrack, which ebbs and flows with intensity.

LP tracks ‘Camino Revolucionario’ & ‘Sueños de Libertad’ feature on the Spotify playlist

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