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Lo-fi Liminka provides Friday afternoon forgiveness

Join us as we venture into the land of chilled beats this  Friday afternoon. First on the radar is Liminka’s latest single, ‘Forgive’ with its rolling, mellowed tones and gently rising synths. The single, released today via Deep Heads, is the second to be shared from his new moniker which will be releasing an EP shorty (you can head over to Reverbs for more info in their exclusive interview).  

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Liminka gives us some more insight into the track: “This song was written during a difficult phase in a relationship. I wanted to make something that carried sadness and heaviness, and how these feelings can turn into actual conflicts when they’re not expressed. At the end of the song, I wanted to give this feeling of guilt and sorrow after a big fight, like someone saying “I’m so sorry” after the damage has already been done.”

The single acts as a caressing touch during difficult times as the producer cleverly uses negative space to highlight his refined production style. Liminka is classically trained, having studied Electroacoustic Composition at the Bauhaus University in Weimar and Music Technology in Helsinki and the skills show themselves in his latest work. You know yuo want to click on the link below: 

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By Sarah Britton

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