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Fall for eevee and cliffe’s effortless lo-fi song

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Lo-fi artists eevee and cliffe have come together to create the irresistibly sultry single ‘so easy’. The provocative collaboration swoons like two lovers lost in infatuation during unknown hours of the night. Like being let in on a secret, the single whispers to anyone willing to lean in closer. Intimate vocals seduce the ear, sending chills down the spine. 

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The single is a meet-cute between filtered guitars and echoing snares that simultaneously nourish and yearn. Its languid pace mimics the sensation of getting caught in a moment with someone you care deeply about. The outside world falls away, leaving you to lounge beside them in your own bubble.

eevee and cliffe are a match made in heaven. Together, they produced a musical love story that hearkens back to classical romance. Knee weakening and graceful, the subtle introduction of new elements create an easy progression that, like a cranberry martini, goes down effortlessly, hitting the spot. 

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